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5 Things You Should Know to Help Make the Right Solar Power Decisions

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12 Sep, 2021

Switch To Solar To Eliminate Your Power Bills

The price of solar power has reduced significantly over recent years to the point where the cost of solar power is much the same as grid power when considered over the equipment life cycle. Our compa ...

5 Sep, 2021

Why We Choose The Enphase Solar Systems For Our Clients

At Sun2u we use are proud to use the Enphase solar systems which are equipped with their very own app so you can track your energy monitor your system status from wherever you are. The simple and eas ...

29 Aug, 2021

How We Combine Functionally And Aesthetics To Give You The Very Best Solar Installation

it’s important that your solar system integrates with your roof structure to please the aesthetics of your home but we also look at several other important design factors when installing your sy ...

15 Aug, 2021

How Sun2U Uses The Latest Solar Technology To Give You All The Control Of Your System

Sun2u work hard to make sure we’re up to date with the latest technology in renewable energy solutions. We’re constantly looking at the best options for the environmentally-conscious homeo ...

8 Aug, 2021

How Our Site Inspection Makes For A Smoother Installation

Making the switch to solar power is a long-term investment, we want to help you get ready for your new energy installation. When you choose Sun2u, our team will perform a comprehensive site inspectio ...

30 Jun, 2021

Reading Through Your Warranty

Our Tip ☝️: Take a close look at your warranty! A solar power system is a big investment, so it’s natural to want to feel secure in what you’ve invested in 👍. Warranties may come ...