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5 Things You Should Know to Help Make the Right Solar Power Decisions

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28 Aug, 2019

The Rising Trend of Solar

Higher power prices and lower cost of solar energy have pushed households to install solar panels. Some states even experiencing a 33% increase in installations compared to previous years! While its ...

21 Aug, 2019

The Numbers don't Lie!

The proof is in the research! Statistics show that reducing energy bills and managing the risk of future electricity price hikes are the reasons for why Australian households are making the switch to ...

14 Aug, 2019

It Pays to do your Research!

While Australia’s Clean Energy Council requires accreditation for all solar installation specialists, it’s worthwhile to still do your research! Do your due diligence when choosing the r ...

7 Aug, 2019

Taking your Time in Making the Switch

For many families or businesses, the prospect of switching to solar is a new venture. So it’s only natural to take time and make an educated choice on what system would work best. Solar is a l ...

24 Jul, 2019

Our day Onsite!

This is the start of something beautiful! Our apprentice, Tim is off to the races with this 5.4kw Enphase Solar System installation. Save on your power bills while maintaining your family lifestyle ...

14 Jul, 2019

Choosing the Right System for your Needs

Our clients are given thorough and expert insights when it comes determining what their business or home needs with regard to solar power systems. We dedicate time to working with you, ensuring that t ...