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5 Things You Should Know to Help Make the Right Solar Power Decisions

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8 Apr, 2020

Why does Placement Matter? Read this to find out Why

Placement is just as important as performance 💥. When you have a knowledgeable installer understanding how design is crucial to the performance of your solar system, you’re securing your in ...

1 Apr, 2020

What to Consider Before Tacking Solar Panels to your Roof

In order to achieve a successful installation, the right steps must be taken BEFORE tacking panels on your roof ☝️! Talking to your installer and conducting a comprehensive site inspection is a g ...

25 Mar, 2020

We Don't Just Do Installations!

We don’t just do installations. We get lots of calls from new clients requiring some maintenance for their panels. Keeping your panels in tip-top shape is one of the best ways to maximise your ...

19 Mar, 2020

Our mandate has been to serve our community and clients the best...

Our mandate has been to serve our community and clients the best way we know how – with our craftsmanship and diligence in maintaining the highest industry standards regarding our safety measures. . ...

18 Mar, 2020

Here are a Few Factors you Should Consider when making the Switch

It’s not just about simply tacking panels on your roof ☝️. There are several factors that will affect the performance of your solar panels. Elements like the existing power supply and in ...

11 Mar, 2020

Meet the Crew!

When you work with Sun2U, this is the crew you’re working with! We are just a bunch of local mates that believe in using the highest quality products in ALL our solar work. This means that al ...