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5 Things You Should Know to Help Make the Right Solar Power Decisions

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2 Sep, 2020

Protect your Solar Investment by Keeping these Factors in Mind

Solar can be a massive investment – and with any investment, you want to ensure it’s protected 💥. Before you finalise your choice on solar products, ensure you read and understand the war ...

26 Aug, 2020

Why Placement Matters

Placement is just as important as performance 💥. When you have a knowledgeable installer understanding how design is crucial to the performance of your solar system, you’re securing your in ...

19 Aug, 2020

How to Make an Educated and Smart Choice with Solar

For many families or businesses, the prospect of switching to solar is a new venture. So it’s only natural to take time and make an educated choice on what system would work best. Solar is a l ...

12 Aug, 2020

What to Look in a Solid Solar Panel

Not all solar panels are made the same ☝️. Despite looking similar in appearance, every solar panel or product can vary depending on its performance and longevity. In fact, there’s a mil ...

5 Aug, 2020

Working with Reputable Solar Providers

With so many companies available on the market, it’s important to remain informed about what and how they are trying to market their products… Cheaper doesn’t always mean better&he ...

29 Jul, 2020

Don't Settle for Less! Read this Before Making the Switch to Solar

With solar becoming an increasingly viable option for families as a way to curb their energy costs, it is tempting to settle on the first installer you speak to or the first product you see… B ...