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5 Things You Should Know to Help Make the Right Solar Power Decisions

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10 Apr, 2022

How Our High Quality Installs Can Protect Your Future

We incorporate the latest innovations in solar technology into our installation process to deliver efficient, reliable, high-quality systems. From potentially increasing your home’s property value, ...

3 Apr, 2022

Now Is the Time To Start Caring About A Sustainable Future And How YOU Can Contribute To it

We have the expertise to help you choose and deliver the most energy-efficient solar power systems. Ensuring a sustainable future is crucial. Sun2u aims at contributing to this goal as much as possi ...

6 Mar, 2022

Crucial Factors To Make The Confident Shift To Solar

Check out this 6.4kW Enphase System with a mix of North East panels mounted flat and North West on tilts for optimum performance. Preliminary planning ensures that your solar power system is specific ...

27 Feb, 2022

How You Can Enjoy Your Freedom From The Grid With Sun2U

This is an Enphase Enclosure containing the circuit breakers and communication equipment. When done correctly, solar provides endless benefits. Whether it’s reducing your energy bill, adding value ...

20 Feb, 2022

How To Achieve A Seamless And Successful Switch To Solar

As Newcastle and Hunter Valley Solar Power specialists, we’ve created an Essential Guide that provides important insights, tips and information about the critical factors to understand when navigati ...

6 Feb, 2022

The Seamless Move To Solar Maximising your Investment In Solar Power

Australia’s ability to experience sun all year round makes the prospect of switching to solar incredibly opportunistic. Integrating solar power systems would be an advantageous option for families l ...