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5 Things You Should Know to Help Make the Right Solar Power Decisions

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28 Feb, 2021

We Only Use Reputable Products

Our team does whatever they can to give our clients high-quality products that are built to last. In this case, we hooked our clients up with a dependable and reliable SMA 3 phase 6kw Inverter to su ...

21 Feb, 2021

Don't Let Size Fool You

Small system = massive power! Don’t let the size fool you. We installed a reliable 7.9kW system for this home, which allows our clients to generate all their power through solar. When it comes ...

12 Feb, 2020

Our Tip: Choose Quality over Quantity

Don’t let the price tag fool you 🚫. When it comes to quality solar systems, you do in fact, get what you pay for ☝️. Take a close look at the solar systems on offer to ensure that it wi ...

5 Feb, 2020

Looking Good & Performance: What every Solar System Must Have

Get you a system that’s barely there but has a massive presence 💥. While functionality and performance are key for any solar system, it should also seamlessly blend in with your property. ...

29 Jan, 2020

Not All Warranties are made the Same

Here’s the truth: Not all warranties cover your entire solar power system… While the best warranties often do, it’s worth looking at the fine print to see what they DO and DO NOT c ...

22 Jan, 2020

Why Patience and Taking your Time is Key

A reputable installer or provider won’t rush you through the process of signing a contract or buying a product ☝️. While the market is hot for solar power systems, an ethical solar company ...