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5 Things You Should Know to Help Make the Right Solar Power Decisions

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25 Sep, 2019

Say Goodbye to the Rising Cost of Energy

Have peace of mind, knowing that your energy expenses will remain constant when switching to solar. The rising costs of utilities can cause a big dent in your expenses, especially if you own a large ...

18 Sep, 2019

Lower your Reliance on the Grid

Lower reliance on the main grid is a good thing! Why is that, you may ask? Because your home can still have the security of generating energy, especially if the electric grid goes down. The sun nev ...

11 Sep, 2019

Enjoying your Current Lifestyle with the help of Solar

Solar power can be fed into your home to power everything that is connected to the main power grid. The greatest benefit is being able to enjoy and maintain your current lifestyle without having to ex ...

4 Sep, 2019

The Reason to make the Switch

Aside from saving you tens of thousands of dollars on your utility and power bills. There is also another reason to make the switch. If installed correctly, solar power systems have the ability to i ...

28 Aug, 2019

The Rising Trend of Solar

Higher power prices and lower cost of solar energy have pushed households to install solar panels. Some states even experiencing a 33% increase in installations compared to previous years! While its ...

21 Aug, 2019

The Numbers don't Lie!

The proof is in the research! Statistics show that reducing energy bills and managing the risk of future electricity price hikes are the reasons for why Australian households are making the switch to ...