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5 Things You Should Know to Help Make the Right Solar Power Decisions

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6 Feb, 2022

The Seamless Move To Solar Maximising your Investment In Solar Power

Australia’s ability to experience sun all year round makes the prospect of switching to solar incredibly opportunistic. Integrating solar power systems would be an advantageous option for families l ...

30 Jan, 2022

About Our Family Business

WHO ARE WE? Sun2u is a family business and we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality solar power and solar storage solutions throughout Newcastle and the Hunter Valley. Our team of electricia ...

23 Jan, 2022

The Importance Of Using Quality Solar Products

It is important to realise that installing solar power is a long-term investment, so trying to cut corners and cost on quality to get a quicker return on that investment is counterproductive because y ...

17 Jan, 2022

Start Making The RIGHT Moves Switching To Solar

The solar power industry has experienced a massive boom over the years. While more and more households and businesses are making the switch, the truth is, a solar energy system is different from your ...

9 Jan, 2022

How Much Will My Solar System Cost Me?

The cost of a good quality solar system will vary according to the estimated demands your home or business will have. However, typically, well-designed systems will return savings to offset their init ...

2 Jan, 2022

How Will Solar Power Help Me Save Money?

If the system is designed and installed correctly you can harness the sun’s energy to meet most of your household’s (or business’s) power needs. Solar power works by offsetting your energy cons ...

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