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5 Things You Should Know to Help Make the Right Solar Power Decisions

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23 Oct, 2019

The Solar Warranty Matters!

Don’t let your solar warranty pull the plug on your switch to solar! Aside from prioritising high-quality solar products, it’s essential to ensure that the company and manufacturer are re ...

16 Oct, 2019

Why Quality Matters

Quality is at the heart of everything that we do! Our reputation for quality means that you can trust our highly-trained electricians to provide the right advice and install the right solar power sy ...

9 Oct, 2019

It Pays to Shop Around

There’s nothing wrong with shopping around when it comes to solar! Prices can vary widely between providers. But the price tag isn’t just the only thing you should be taking note of! It&r ...

2 Oct, 2019

It's not as Overwhelming as you Think

The switch to solar can be an overwhelming experience, but it doesn’t have to be! There are five simple factors that can set you up for success when it comes to making the switch. To learn more ...

25 Sep, 2019

Say Goodbye to the Rising Cost of Energy

Have peace of mind, knowing that your energy expenses will remain constant when switching to solar. The rising costs of utilities can cause a big dent in your expenses, especially if you own a large ...

18 Sep, 2019

Lower your Reliance on the Grid

Lower reliance on the main grid is a good thing! Why is that, you may ask? Because your home can still have the security of generating energy, especially if the electric grid goes down. The sun nev ...