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Why We Choose The Enphase Solar Systems For Our Clients


At Sun2u we use are proud to use the Enphase solar systems which are equipped with their very own app so you can track your energy monitor your system status from wherever you are. The simple and easy-to-use interface provides you with infographics, graphs and overviews that allow you to… ~ check the system health status and if there are any issues, you can pinpoint the source of the problem and be offered troubleshooting tips. ~ See an overview of the current day energy production ~ Gain insight into the historical production data which lets you view the system’s hourly, daily or monthly production at a glance. ~ Social media button push-buttons to show your friends and family your energy savings. ~ Get a quick view of system production, energy usage and the daily weather. To chat to one of our team members about installing with Sun2u, book a 20-minute no-obligation consultation with us by filling out our online form ~