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5 Things You Should Know to Help Make the Right Solar Power Decisions

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What You Should Know Before Making the Switch


Your solar power system comes with a warranty…in fact, most do! But here’s what you should know ⬇️. Not all warranties cover the same things… They can vary from one company to the next… For instance, some systems offer warranties that solely cover the cost of equipment but NOT the labour to replace or fix any equipment malfunctions… If you have a system with a warranty that only covers the bare basics, you run the risk of having to cover the costs of system failure or damage yourself… Before you settle with the products you’re given, take your time and do a deep dive on what the warranty covers… Don’t be afraid to ask questions and voice any concerns with your solar provider… For more tips, download our eBook ~ “5 Things you should know to Help make the Right Solar Power Decisions.” -